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Sweden also requires vaccine passports in the Nordic countries

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Police control traffic on the Öresund bridge. Photo gallery.

Sweden will also require vaccination passports for those entering the Nordic region.

Norwegians are welcome in Sweden but then must follow the same restrictions during Christmas that apply in Norway, says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S).

– We are seeing an increased spread of infection in Europe but also in our neighboring countries and in Sweden we now have requirements to get Covid passports on entry from all countries except the Nordic countries. Today, the government will make such a decision which will be a demand for the Nordic countries as well, Anderson told TT.

This condition takes effect on December 21. It does not include Swedish citizens and permanent residents of Sweden.

A Covid passport could be a vaccine certificate, evidence of a completed infection or a negative PCR test, says Karin Tegmark Wessel, director general of the Swedish Public Health Agency. Now the testing requirements are also being tightened.

– Now it is advised that everyone who travels to the country take the test.

According to Anderson, it’s about taking measures to limit the spread of infection without restricting people’s lives.

“Don’t move the party”

In Norway, recommendations apply to no more than ten people attending the celebration during Christmas and New Year’s, as well as not to serve alcoholic beverages. Magdalena Andersson expects Norwegians traveling across the border to follow these tips in Sweden as well.

– I expect the Norwegians, who are warmly welcome in Sweden, will follow the recommendations.

She notes that the prevalence of infection in Norway is much higher than in Sweden, and therefore the burden of health care is higher.

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– Don’t move the party across the border.


The Prime Minister also stressed the need to vaccinate more people.

– It’s number one at the moment: As more people get vaccinated, that’s how we can reduce the spread of infection and make sure we have a reasonable burden on health care, says Anderson in Brussels, where she is currently attending this last year’s EU summit European.

She says she understands that more and more countries are now reintroducing requirements for coronation tests on entry, even for those with Covid-19 passports.

– The Covid pass was very good. They made it easier to navigate Europe. At the same time, we must have some humility. We are now facing a very difficult period with the increasing spread of infection, and I understand that countries are facing these kind of restrictions,” says Magdalena Anderson.