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Sweden’s request for NATO is on the agenda at the meeting between the United States and Turkey

The relationship between the United States and Turkey has been tenuous since Turkey chose to buy Russian robotic systems in 2017. If Turkey were allowed to buy the American F-16, the deal could be worth $20 billion.

A yes from the United States is likely to make Turkey soften its demands on Sweden and Finland.

Turkey’s purchase of American fighter jets was a kind of barter. No one wants to say it publicly, but this is how it is reported in the Turkish media, says Thomas Turin, SVT’s correspondent in Turkey.

However, Mevlut Cavusoglu wants to separate the issues.

– We believe that these two different issues should not be related to each other, he says after Wednesday’s meetings according to the Associated Press.

Expect the green light

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu had previously expressed before the meeting that he expected approval, but it appears that the United States is expecting something in return.

– A deal of this size must be approved by the US Congress, and there are members who are more open and direct compared to the White House. And I’ve seen many members say they would never vote yes on this deal unless they had clear agreement from Turkey that they viewed Swedish and Finnish membership in NATO positively.

Stoltenberg is safe

The same NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg, commented again on the situation on Wednesday.

– I am sure that Turkey will complete the process of joining Finland and Sweden, he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, according to CNN.

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Hear Stefan Osberg and Thomas Turen about the meeting of foreign ministers in the clip.