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Swedish Consumer Agency: Numerous reports against Detor

Detur stops all operations for 2022. Image stored.
Detur stops all operations for 2022. Image stored.

Critic travel company Detour halts all operations. Affected travelers are now heading to the Swedish Consumer Agency – which has started a supervision case.

Overnight on Friday, Detour announced the cancellation of the remainder of the 2022 jet-leasing season, citing failed travel records, inflation and jet fuel prices.

The announcement was preceded by major disruption with flight cancellations and travelers in Alanya, Turkey having to pay double their hotel rates. That’s since Detour, according to the hotels, didn’t pay for the rooms.

announced on Friday Swedish Consumer Agency The Authority is filing a supervisory lawsuit against the company.

“want to check”

– We want to check how they are dealing with travelers who are at the destination now. We also want to share their information with consumers to check what appears there and whether it complies with the law, says Maja Lindstrand, an attorney at the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Several affected travelers have turned to the Swedish Consumer Agency in recent days. The authority received, on Friday morning alone, ten communications against the company.

Maja Lindstrand advises people who have their voyage ahead of them to “sit quietly in the boat.” If a paid trip is canceled, you are entitled to a refund within 14 days.

Right to compensation

– For those who are at the destination, the first thing to do is contact Detur. If you have to spend extra money for hotels or flights home, you are entitled to compensation from Detour.

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In the event of bankruptcy, clients are covered by a statutory travel guarantee that covers unpaid costs.

– Then you have to go to Kammarkollegiet with your request for compensation.

In a statement to SVT, Detour stated that the information about unpaid hotel rooms in Turkey is wrong and that they are all prepaid.

TT unsuccessfully sought Detur.