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Swedish elite soldiers train here in Poland |  Sweden

Swedish elite soldiers train here in Poland | Sweden

Due to last year’s sabotage operations of, among others, Nord Stream 1 and 2, as well as damage to the Finnish-Estonian underwater pipelines, the NATO exercise “Neptune Strike 23” was launched in mid-November.

This was stated by the Swedish Armed Forces in a statement.

The exercises were conducted on Polish territory and were carried out by NATO forces from several countries. Including Great Britain, the United States of America, Poland and Spain.

The Swedish Armed Forces contributed air forces and naval forces. Among others, units from JTAC, the Joint Terminal Assault Control Unit, participated, as well as fire commanders from the Kustjägar- och Amfibiekompaniet of the Stockholm Amphibious Regiment. Swedish army paratroopers also participated in the exercises.

The forces trained to engage ground targets with combat aircraft alongside American and Polish forces.

“Accustomed to working with Americans”

A Coast Guard JTAC sergeant says the training went well.

– We from Amf1 are used to working with the Americans, but our Polish counterparts were new and a very positive experience, says Sgt. in a statement.

– The exercise went surprisingly flawlessly in all respects, thanks in large part to the Army and our friends in the paratroopers who were mainly responsible for planning the exercise, continues Sgt.

Neptune Strike 23 began with a briefing where Swedish units had to practice operating with “new aircraft capabilities”. The exercise then evolved into a longer attack and shootout involving fighter planes from Great Britain, Poland and Spain, the Swedish Armed Forces wrote.

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Giant exercises with the British Navy in Sweden

“Sweden has never been as safe as it is now.”