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Sylvia Pamba Education. What course did she complete?

Dancing with the stars12. Sylvia Pamba revealed her education on the show. This fact of her life is amazing and no one knows it.

Sylvia Pamba One of the biggest stars of the show Gogglebox. In front of the TV. The show, which he has been attending for a long time, has become an excellent guide for providing personalized stations to the audience, but also offers good humor. Everything is done in a very fun way. Thanks to this format, Sylvia has become very popular and has gained the recognition of the fans. His Instagram account currently has nearly 800,000 followers. Internet users.

The interest of the fans brought her more and more job opportunities. He was one of the participants in the show Dancing with the stars12. Unfortunately, the new professional challenge coincided with unpleasant events in personal life. Sylvia admits to splitting with her daughter Andosia’s father. He announced everything to the fans in a short statement.

I have not been in a relationship with Andosia’s dad for months. Every day I am assured that leaving is the right decision. I leave all the details of this situation to myself. Out of respect for the past and my daughter, I will not speak on this matter again. Thanks for the words of support […] – She wrote on the web.

Undeterred, however, she practiced:

[…] I have heard that dance has healing powers. I hope I can dance a lot of healing things for myself – she said.

We will see the results on Monday. How did she make her debut in court?

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Dancing with the stars12. Sylvia Pamba expressed her education

Sylvia Pamba W Dancing with the stars Introduced with Tango. He scored 28 points with Jack Jeshke. However, he was surprised at the pre-show video. She told me not only about the struggle against being overweight, but also about how she refused and was covered in foil at night so no one could see her, but also about her education.

Rarely does anyone know, but I graduated from Lots Film School, I am a certified photographer – said Sylvia.

Below, we remind you of Pamba’s first dance in the 12th edition Dancing with the stars.

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