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Care rages against FHM’s Preschool Board

RS . virus spread It continues to grow, and more areas are appealing to parents to keep preschool-aged children at home if children are in the family. At the same time, Sweden’s Public Health Agency is giving the go-ahead for pre-school children – an initiative that makes healthcare look red.

40 countries pledge to phase out coal power

More than 40 countries have agreed About phasing out coal power and not increasing investment in coal-fired power plants. It’s the guard reports. Signatories include Canada, Poland, Ukraine and Vietnam. In addition, more than a hundred organizations and financial institutions have promised to stop financing coal-fired power plants.

On the other hand, the countries with the largest coal energy emissions – including the USA, China, Australia and India – are missing out from the agreement, as larger economies will phase out coal power in the 2030s and smaller economies in the 1940s.



Intense UV Rays Over Bolivia

Bolivianska La Paz Fried under an unusual heat wave with ultraviolet rays hitting the ceiling. When 11 is described as extreme, levels recently reached 21. Bolivian experts point to climate change as a reason for the rising levels, with changing precipitation patterns leading to scattered cloud coverage.

Asian stock markets start higher on Thursday

Leading stock exchanges in Asia Thursday starts on the positive side, buoyed by Wall Street’s gains in the previous trading day.

In Tokyo, the Nikkei 225 was up 1%, while the Topix rose shortly thereafter at 0.7%. However, investors are expected to turn their attention to Toyota, among others, which will provide an interim report later in the trading day.

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