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Telegram is divided into two parts: to the Google Play version, an APK was added, with fewer restrictions | Chronicle

Messaging platform cable Now a copy of The Google The Chinese People’s Liberation Armyother yy different, it is accessed from a file APK Which is downloaded from their website. The versions are slightly different. APK file It has fewer restrictions And the Update automatically, And transcend Google Store.

Yes one Android application Prefer not to submit to demands The GoogleYou must find another way to distribute it outside the store. This is what he did cable, Which now contains versions From Google Play and its APK, It can be accessed from the application website.

Applications available in The Google play Must be Adhere to google rules, Whether or not those that determine which apps have capacity in the store and which ones Restrict applications Requiring exclusive access.

For example, Accessibility data, The SMS access s CallsIn addition to the obligation to use Google’s payment system.

New version APK

APK file It has been downloaded Direct from Official Website from cable. And the It will be updated independently, Directly from the servers a program.

The version that can be accessed from APK“It has fewer restrictions and receives automatic updates from”, Reported from the company itself. Although they didn’t make it clear What are those restrictions that are being avoided With th Download Telegram APK.

Limitations may be related to Moderation Policy s Adult content For some channels and groups, or also with a policy Payment systems.