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The Association “Aid Programs Benin-Africa” ​​organizes the Spring Bazaar in Olbe

Tornziphers in Olbay campaigned in the new market (from left): Daniela Holman, Rita Brentler and Peter Schneiderman.

© Michael Sauer

Nine million people live in Benin, Africa. Half of them are under the age of 20, and 60 percent of them cannot read or write. One-third of the population lives in extreme poverty. Benin: It is one of the poorest countries in the world. For more than 20 years, Rita Brendler has dedicated herself to helping this country. He now organizes a spring bazaar at three stations in Olbay with his association, Aid Projects Benin-Africa.

Olpe – “We did a lot of crafts, punching and knitting despite the corona,” says Rita Brendler happily. The association works well with these crafts. Because sales proceeds will benefit projects in Benin.

At the Tornziphers Frischemcourt in Olber Martinstrace, large wooden rabbits catch the eye: “They’re all hand-carved at home,” says Brentler. But even at Easter it does not always have to be rabbits: “We can offer custom-made products on demand.”

Rhodes Bakery in Martinstras also has hand-carved items, painted duck eggs, handmade bags and more.

The association has organized an exhibition of lunching candies, knitted blankets, socks, armor, pillows, tea towels, organically grown spell pillows and more at Winterbergstrass. Net income will benefit the association’s development assistance programs in Benin in all three locations.

In addition, Lunning Candy offers two different “Benin Easter baskets”; About 20 percent of sales revenue goes to the “Assistance Programs Benin-Africa” ​​association. The Bazaar and Rhodes Bakery in Tornziphers Frischemark runs until Easter, and the exhibition of Lunning Candies goes beyond that.

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“Of course we look forward to a very positive response. We would definitely like to thank everyone who has supported us for so long,” said Rita Brentler: “We have many projects, and many more.” The association is currently working on setting up a mobile health center with various school programs, kindergartens and charity centers, in addition to long-term projects under the goal of “Helping to help.” Provides.

Those who want to support the “Assistance Programs Benin / Africa” Association, so that projects in West Africa can visit the Spring Bazaar or make donations to the Association’s Donation Account.

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