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The British promise could change the view of NATO

The British promise could change the view of NATO

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Jonas Olsson of the SVT believes there is very little talk of Swedish military cooperation with Great Britain. He wrote in an analysis that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s statement that his country would do everything in its power to defend Sweden in the event of a military attack was “exciting”.

“The statement probably means that the Swedish political leadership will not be in a hurry with a possible implementation of NATO, despite the fact that public opinion fluctuates,” Olsson wrote.

This weekend, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (South) and her Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin met in Helsinki to discuss the NATO issue. Philip Ter, a DN employee in Helsinki, believes the message was a warm-up to the fact that Finland might join NATO first, then Sweden.

– President Niinisto has visited Joe Biden in the United States, and Sanna Marin is visiting Estonia, which would like to see Finland in NATO, he told Studio DN.

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