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The Center Party supports the government’s budget

The Center Party will support the government’s budget, says C leader Annie Love.

This means that the savage politician Amina Kakapavi could get a new crucial role.

You have not yet decided how you will vote.

“I want there to be efforts against honor suppression in the budget.” You write in a text message.

A vote on the spring budget for the change will take place on Wednesday. There, the Center Party will vote first on its own budget – and then on the government.

The background is that the Center Party has agreed with the government on a proposal to increase pensions.

“I was affected”

We will vote on the budget proposal that we participated in and were affected by, he says Annie Love According to TT.

Leader C Annie Loew and Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson regarding NATO exercises in the Stockholm archipelago a few weeks ago.

Leader C says the new proposal is better than the old government, which contained what the party leader calls “annex noshi,” referring to the Left Party leader, TT wrote.

– After dialogue with the government, we reached a compromise on a proposal that is very close to the compromise proposal of the Center Party. I still hope other parties can support this proposal, says Annie Love.

However, they will not do that.

According to moderates economic policy spokeswoman Elizabeth Svantesson, the opposition will vote on its own budget.

– We think the investment we make by four parties is a better proposition for retirees in Sweden, so our four parties say no to the proposal. She says we are standing by her side.

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Wild: “must check”

The distribution of seats in the Riksdag Parliament leads to political barbarism Amina Kqbwa, V previously, could also play a decisive role in the vote on the spring budget. It was open before to vote no to the government’s proposal if it did not respond to its demands.

In a text message to Aftonbladet, she wrote:

“I’m glad that one of my demands from this summer’s agreement on an increase in pensions is included. I want there to be investments against the injustice of honor in the budget.
It must be checked if it is included.”

Another political savage in the Riksdag, Roger Richtof, formerly SD, is undecided either. What is crucial for him is which side has the best pension proposal.

“I will read up on the proposals today and give information this afternoon,” he said.

Amina like a kibwa.