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The Center Party threatens to exclude L – if SD cooperation continues  Sweden

The Center Party threatens to exclude L – if SD cooperation continues Sweden

C-top by Emma Wiesner.

Photo: Anna Karen Nelson

After the EU elections, negotiations will begin on party groups within the EU Parliament. The Center Party then intends to work towards excluding the Liberals from the party group to which they both belong – if L continues to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats.

– If we are liberals, we do not defend liberal values. Who will do it next? The time for empty words is over, says Emma Wiesner, the centre's top name in parliament Al-Masaa newspaper.

In May, among others, the C and L party group signed a declaration in which they pledged not to cooperate with “far-right or extremist parties at any level.”

Emma Wisner doesn't think the Liberals meet the declaration's requirements. C leader Muharrem Demiruk believes “cold facts” have revealed whether anonymous SD accounts played a major role in the new order.

SD: Others are also collaborating on the right

However, Charlie Weimers of the Sweden Democrats does not think the Liberals need to worry about being excluded from the EU caucus.

-I think it will be very difficult to get disqualified. The Liberals will of course link this issue to the cooperation of other parties in Europe, he says during a meeting with Riksdag journalists, mentioning that there are Finnish and Dutch parties in the group that cooperate with the right.

The fact that C is now coming out with the story is believed to be a way for the Center Party to attract attention in a difficult position in public opinion.

– Now this is especially related to cold facts. I think it would be very difficult to prove that it is serious enough to rule out L.

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