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The Chinese passenger plane may have flown straight to Earth

On March 21 this year, China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735 was en route between Kunming and Guangzhou When the event occurred. Surveillance cameras showed how the plane suddenly fell from a height of 8,900 meters when it was 119 kilometers from Guangzhou.

Planet, Boeing 737-800, It flew at a speed of 570 kilometers per hour straight towards the ground, smashing it after 72 seconds.

All 123 passengers and nine crew members on board died.

planets Two black chests can be saved An analysis of its contents now shows that there was no error on board that could explain what happened.

The first pilot has been described As one of the most experienced Chinese pilots in the field of commercial aircraft. Next to him had a fellow younger than him with much less experience.

Posted on Tuesday The Wall Street Journal Information from a person with insight into the investigation which shows that the plane is apparently flying towards the ground by a person on board.

According to the source, the Chinese authorities have not found any indications that this is a technical error.

– The plane did what it would do and then someone in the cockpit told it to do it, the source told the newspaper.

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