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The cultural night attracted a large audience

The cultural night attracted a large audience

Crowds flocked to the Laplin Center on Saturday night to take part in concerts, exhibitions and performances prepared during the cultural night. “It’s a celebration of a return to life,” said Jonah Vaviorka-Kamineka, director of the Night of Culture.

From Saturday to Sunday nights, the streets of Old Town and Loflin are filled with crowds of people interested in concerts, exhibitions, performances and magical performances.

Art installation in the form of a giant tree in pl. Po Farze was inspired by the lost paradise and hung a snake over a hundred meters long. Krodska. The author of both installations is Jarosław Koziara. Under his guidance, students from the UMCS Arts Department also produced a flock of colorful paradise birds hanging over the ul. Gold. On the other hand, ul. Jesuit, pillow covers for bed, pieces of songs and poems hung.

A lot of people gathered in pl. Lithuanian, where jazz and classical concert took place. Downtown and Old-Town restaurants, on the other hand, prepare concerts and stand-up shows for their guests. Some seats had a limited number of seats, and there were rows for them.

During the event, organizers pointed to more than 100 events at 12 locations.

Vaviorka-Kaminiyeka said it would be the biggest premiere event in Lublin on culture, art and music since the end of the epidemic.

“After two years of drought and epidemic nostalgia, I’m so glad the Culture Night is back. I think this is the first event in Lublin, a celebration of a return to life in a time,” he said. Director of Night Culture.

In his opinion, tourists at night of culture are primarily attracted to Lublin and its historic old city, and the artwork presented during the event is dedicated to specific places.

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“This is not an exhibition that goes from city to city and is set in squares.

On the night of June 4/5 this year the Lublin Public Transport Authority announced. Travel is free on N1, N2 and N3 night lines, and these lines run frequently: every 20 minutes from 22:00 to 01:30 and every 60 minutes from 01:30 to 4:30.

Cultural night has been organized in Lapland since 2007. Two years ago, the event was canceled due to an infection. Last year, for security reasons, the cultural night was extended to seven weeks.