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The Don Wright family protested against the police



Minneapolis. Katie Wright says it was the worst day of my life.

Her son’s death rocked Minneapolis – and now George Floyd’s brothers support her.

We will fight for justice, just as we fight for our brother, says Felones Floyd, when families meet.

On the 18th floor of the Minneapolis courthouse, the high-profile trial of Derek Chauvin, the police accused of murdering George Floyd a year earlier, is still ongoing.

But a new issue has sparked protests in the city again: the shooting of 20-year-old Don Wright. Also this time, an African American man died in a police intervention, as the incident was filmed.

On Tuesday, family members of George Floyd and Down Wright gathered in the park outside the ongoing trial against Chauvin.
It was an emotional meeting, with tears and hugs.

They stand in solidarity with the family, because they know what it’s like, says Ben Cromb, the attorney who represents the Floyd family as well as the Wright family.

Daunte's friend, Shanna Whitaker, who was in the car when her boyfriend was shot, spoke of grief.

Photo: John Minchillo / TT NEWS AGENCY

Daunte’s friend, Shanna Whitaker, who was in the car when her boyfriend was shot, spoke of grief.

Photo: John Minchillo / TT NEWS AGENCY

The family protested after the death of Don Wright, with the support of George Floyd’s brothers.

“The worst day of my life”

Katie Wright, Dawn’s mother, is cuddled by Floyd’s relatives during the meeting and talks about her last conversation with her son. And how I heard that this disorder arose. When she next called Daunte’s girlfriend, Katie managed to see her son’s body over a video call.

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It was the worst day of my life, she says.

She expressed her sadness and frustration at the shooting of her son after he was arrested for committing a traffic offense on Sunday.

The policeman who shot the shot is named Kim Potter, who is a veteran who has served in the police force for 26 years. During the day she resigned.
But Potter claims she accidentally shot Daunte with her firearm, rather than her electric weapon. They emphasized at the press conference that this is an explanation that families do not buy.

Instead, they say it is part of a racist culture within the police force, with blacks being the most vulnerable to police violence in Minneapolis.

Photo: John Minchillo / TT NEWS AGENCY

Dawn’s mother, Katie Wright, has shown her deep mourning for her son.

The girlfriend was in the car

George Floyd’s brother, Philonis Floyd, says during the press conference that they are in solidarity with the Wright family and that he barely gets to see the news coverage of Down Wright.

The world is shocked to see another African American killed, he says, and continues:

Minneapolis – We shouldn’t be sweeping this under the rug.

Daunte’s friend, Shanna Whitaker, who was a passenger in the car when her boyfriend was shot, also told live cameras about the tumultuous days past.

My son no longer has a father, you say.

– I feel like they stole my son’s father from him.

After the press conference, she carried their two-year-old son in her arms and wrapped him in a blanket.

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– I just work out day in and day out, she says before they even get in the car.