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The e-bike hit the subway and exploded


bikes New Yorker rental company City Bike In fact it is supposed to ensure the speed of movement in the city. This doesn’t work well if the e-bikes land on Queens’ tube tracks instead of on the street. An electric bike was recently run over by a train there, causing the battery to explode. A user filmed the explosion, the video is on Twitter to see:

The train hit the wheel twice before it caught fire and filled the station with smoke. Such as New York Post Reports, an unidentified man is said to have rolled an e-bike on the tracks. The New York Police Department declared that he “risked a significant risk of injury and smoke development.”

In addition to e-bikes, e-scooters have been a frequent target of destructive people. Scooters often end up in rivers or catch fire. Especially e-scooters that are parked all over the place cause discomfort again and again. How to report incorrectly parked R-Scooters, eg because they are blocking the street, we explain here.

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