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The end of the liquor from Chapley?

The French Minister of Agriculture described the frost attacks as “perhaps the greatest agricultural disaster of the beginning of the decade,” he wrote SVT.

Most wine regions in France have been affected. Among others, the classic regions of Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy. Production is estimated to be 30 percent lower this year. This means a loss of about 20 billion Swedish kronor.

2021 was not just a year full of problems. Extreme years are coming more and more. Climate change changes conditions.

This has affected other wine countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy, but to a somewhat lesser degree, writes SVT.

So far, the deficiency is not noticeable. Currently, the former wines are being shipped to the world. Only in the next year will he notice that the 2021 vintage of many low-fat French wines.

“There are no ‘normal years’ anymore. We have big problems. The soil here is lime-rich and does not hold water well. Our wine does not tolerate hot, dry summers. We are trying to adapt, but if the warming continues, we may not have any Chapley in a year.” 2050,” winemaker Clotilde Davin tells SVT.

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