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The epidemic turned the trend back half a year

How is the development process for the upcoming ‘Final Fantasy XVI’ RPG? At the end of the year, producer Naoki Yoshida provided yet another insight into the work and revealed that the pandemic had led to massive restrictions.

We haven’t seen any new scenes from the upcoming Japanese RPG “Final Fantasy XVI” for over a year. Now Producer Naoki Yoshida has one Status update At the same time, he emphasized that the COVID-19 pandemic had delayed production for nearly half a year.

The epidemic has caused massive internal communication problems

Although Yoshida promised in the latest update that he will have to reveal new information about “Final Fantasy XVI” at the end of 2021, he unfortunately has to disappoint the fans. Instead, he hopes to be able to show new material in the spring of 2022. Among other things, Yoshida said:

“While the latest version of the Final Fantasy series is being developed for PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy XVI has brought together a massive team of talented creators from all over the world. However, in an effort to offset the effects of COVID-19, we have had to decentralize the workforce. Through Allowing employees to do their jobs from home. Unfortunately, this has impeded communication with Studio Tokyo, which in turn has resulted in delays or, in extreme cases, cancellations of asset deliveries from our external partners.”

These issues had to be addressed this year in order to keep constraints as low as possible in 2022. As a result, development should progress better from now on:

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„[…] We hope that by the New Year the effects will be kept to a minimum, which will allow us to better focus on the tasks: increase the quality of the graphic source, improve combat mechanics, expand individual battles, and make final adjustments to do. of scenes and improve general graphics. Our main goal is to work on the game as actively as possible to see it fully polished.”

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The next reveal in the spring should be a little bigger, as release expectations continue to grow. So Yoshida thanks again for the fans’ patience and apologizes for the inconvenience so far.

Accordingly, one can also be curious about what we will see in the spring. As soon as new information is revealed, we will update you.

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