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The exclusive contract between EA Sports and FIFA will expire

The classic football video game could end because of the term exclusivity between them FIFA and EA Sports A false intention to renew.

It was only a matter of time for the association to end, but what remained uncertain was contract extension except.

Less than a month after the launch FIFA 22This news shook the gaming world as well as the commercial sector. The longest-running video game partnership relationship will be in antagonisms.

this alliance Born in 1993 Uninterrupted to this day, he is best known for developing a “simulation” of football over a “game”.

And the highest body of “beautiful sports” issued a statement referring to the current situation, refers to the opening new developers.

In this way they will seek to reach end of monopoly In the gaming world who was in the hands of electronic arts.

“FIFA will embrace a new business position in gaming and esports to ensure that it is in the best position it can take. Decisions that benefit everyone interested. FIFA is optimistic and excited about the future of gaming and esports, and it is clear that this space should be It occupies more than one part that controls all rights,” they declared.

End of an era

If what has been suggested by the football entity, EA Sports already is I won’t be the only developer With the rights to the FIFA video game.

With this the end of the game will come like this, already It cannot bear the same title It does not maintain the same license form and quantities.

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In addition to the name and permissions, there are technical and possibly visual aspects that will affect the soccer simulator. Rumors rise and claim that FIFA 22 will be the last The game is under exclusive.

This means that over the next few years we will see more titles and increase competition In the world of players around football, with a new company leading the project.

It is worth noting that, contrary to what FIFA has reported, many have indicated that the real reason for ending the exclusivity is due to the fact that No agreement reached Economical to renew.

If all is confirmed, Electronic Arts will already have Friend B to continue betting on the same item. it’s about “EA Sports FCThe name is already registered in the UK.

As the video game developer mentioned, they have a very good relationship with International tournaments and brands Sports

This will allow them to continue the experiment, Keep some agreements That will greatly enhance this new stage.