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The Finns warned of attempts at Russian influence

The Finns warned of attempts at Russian influence

“The whole of Finnish society must prepare for the various actions by which Russia is trying to influence our decision-making on the NATO issue. The task of the authorities is to ensure that it is possible to have a public debate without fear and to make sure that outsiders will not be able to influence policy decisions security in Finland,” says Antti Biltari, Chief of Security Police, equivalent to Säpo, in a press release.

When the Security Police presented its annual report on Tuesday, large-scale impacts, i.e. mixed effects, and illegal intelligence activities were cited as the biggest threats to national security.

The press release states that it is likely to see in Russian attempts to influence that the NATO discussion has become more active in Finland, although Russian resources are currently directed towards Ukraine.

But the situation can change very quickly.

“The assessment of the Security Police is that Russia is likely to expand its cyber and informational operations from Ukraine to the West. Therefore, it is likely that efforts against Finland will also increase in the coming months,” says Antti Biltari.

Congestion attacks on businesses are described as daily attacks, but nowadays the risk of more dangerous hostile cyber attacks has also increased. Therefore, we urge companies to ensure, for example, that control electronics for power distribution and other critical infrastructure cannot be accessed directly on the open grid.