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The first city in the world to charge an entrance fee

Published on 2024-04-25 14.00

Now it costs to visit Venice during the day.  Not everyone was happy with the decision, and residents and associations in the city chose to protest the decision.  Archive photo.

Anyone who wants to visit Venice for the day will henceforth have to pay for a ticket.

Admission to the popular destination costs five euros. Many city residents are critical.

The city's mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, had previously said that it was not about making money, but rather a way to try to overcome the problems brought by mass tourism. The idea is that the fees should cause tourist clusters to spread out, so that fewer people come at the same time.

– We aim to make the city more livable again, Luigi Brugnaro told the media earlier, according to Agence France-Presse.

Thus, Venice becomes the first city in the world to enter it. Anyone who does not pay the fee risks a fine of up to €300, but residents, passengers, students, children under 14 and overnight tourists do not need to pay a ticket. The fee also applies, at least initially, only on certain days.

Not everyone is happy with the imposition of fees, and now residents of the area have begun to protest the decision, The Guardian writes.

They believe that Venice will get a bad reputation and the cost will not pay off, but the city will be seen as a great amusement park.

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