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The Gulf, Eastern Partnership and Ethiopia at the European Union Meeting

The Gulf, Eastern Partnership and Ethiopia at the European Union Meeting


Ministers will discuss the relationship between the European Union and the Gulf region. EU High Representative Josep Borrell is expected to report on his trip to the region at the start of the month from September to October. A joint statement by the European Commission and Josep Borrell on the Gulf region is expected in the first half of 2022.

Eastern Partnership of the European Union

Ministers will discuss priorities for the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit on December 15 this year.

The essence of cooperation with the countries participating in the Partnership lies in strengthening countries’ resilience, supporting a green transition and sustainable social and economic development after the pandemic. Central to the Partnership’s cooperation between the EU and the East is that it is based on the EU’s core values ​​of democracy, human rights, rule of law and gender equality.


Developments in Ethiopia and the conflict in the northern part of the country related to the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan will be discussed.

The question is, among other things, how the European Union should deal with the situation that has arisen and the ability of the Union to influence the situation in the country. Widespread human rights violations and abuses have been reported in the region, and the investigation by the United Nations and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is also on the agenda.


Ministers will also address developments in Nicaragua in recent months where the denial of freedom of opposition politicians, journalists and human rights defenders has been a matter of concern and where the consequences have become clear and limited space for civil society. The country is heading to general elections in November 2021.

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Cabinet Secretary Robert Rydberg will represent Sweden at the meeting in Luxembourg.