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The latest free Microsoft Flight Simulator update focuses on Italy and Malta

The world’s latest free update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available, and this time it adds a lot of extra detail to the sights of Italy and Malta. The update is now available and enhances the region with more detailed geospatial data, including “digital elevation modeling, improved aerial and satellite imagery, and triangular irregular network (TIN) modeling for 20 cities.” The new update will allow the virtual pilot to explore some of the region’s most iconic landmarks, including 94 points of interest in Italy and 11 new points of interest added to Malta. Four airports in the region have also been designed entirely by hand, including Palermo Airport (LICJ) in Sicily, Sondrio Airport (LILO) in South Tyrol, Marina di Campo Airport (LIRJ) on the island of Elba and Polanzo Airport (LIPB) in South Tyrol. Another 100 airports have been enhanced with new details. Newly added attractions include some of the region’s most popular destinations like Mount Vesuvius, Vatican City, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but there are plenty more to explore, whether it’s ancient ruins, modern architecture, or more. , or the fascinating physical geography of an area. In addition to new waypoints and increased details, MFS has added three Jungle Journey trips, three new discovery trips, and three area landing challenges. The Italy and Malta Update is the ninth of Microsoft’s free worldwide updates, with previous iterations. Add detail to regions including much of Western Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, and more. GameSpot may earn commission from retail offers.
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