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The life of Prince Phillips next to the Queen – news (Echo)

One November day in 1947, 26-year-old Philip and 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth said yes to each other in Westminster Abbey.
An estimated 200 million people listened to it when the BBC broadcast it on radios around the world.

Prince Philip He was born in Greece, as a prince of Greece and Denmark, but as a baby, he and large parts of the Greek royal family were forced to leave the country in 1922 – after the Greco-Turkish War.

Philip grew up a lot with his relatives and in boarding schools across Europe – in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, where he trained in the Navy, among others.

He and Princess Elizabeth met on various occasions during her childhood and began exchanging letters when she was 13, something which continued while Philip fought for Britain during World War II.

But romance was not appreciated by everyone. Philip was seen as too independent for the future queen, his family – in royal circles – disenfranchised, and his sisters’ close ties to the Nazi Party in Germany were no match for the British royal family.

But beloved Elizabeth made her way and announced the engagement in 1947.

Oligarchs The times the couple spoke openly about their relationship, the goal was to praise the other’s support during life, and focus on the mission of the royal family.
Or as Queen Elizabeth herself said at the couple’s golden wedding: she, the family, and the country have Prince Philip to thank them so much.

Prince Philip is known for his humorous side, he often joked when he gave speeches or was interviewed. As is the case on the Thames TV talk show where he did not dare to joke about his son, Prince Charles’ appearance, on the topic of polo.

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But the prince was also criticized for his outspoken style, after a series of controversial statements. Just as he told the Nigerian president, dressed in traditional clothes, that he looks ready for bed.

Another occasion was that British women could not cook, begging the photographer to “take the damn picture,” and when Prince Philip met Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, he said that children – they only go to school because their parents don’t want them at home.

may have been This is what Prince Philip was referring to when he said in his speech at the couple’s golden wedding in 1997 – that for the marriage to continue, patience and tolerance are needed – and that the Queen enjoys it abundantly.