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The missing boy was found – the mother planned to move to Finland

Eleven years old Alex Patty From Great Britain, he went on holiday to Spain in 2017 with his grandfather and mother, who did not have custody of him. Since then he has been missing – until now.

On Thursday, a motorist discovered the boy walking in the rain along a country road near Toulouse in southern France. When the driver Fabian Exedini I looked online and saw that Alex Batey had been reported missing, so he called the police and let the boy borrow a phone.

“I want to go home”

“Hello grandma, it’s me, Alex. I’m Toulouse in France. I really hope you get this message. I love you and want to come home,” the 17-year-old wrote to his grandmother, who is his guardian.

French investigators are now trying to map out what Alex Paty’s life was like. According to the boy himself, he, his mother, and his grandfather lived a wandering life in recent years near the Pyrenees in southern France. It is said that he did not attend school.