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The Norwegian minister must pursue a new plagiarism scandal

Information that Kjerkul's 2021 master's thesis was rejected by the review board at Nord University in Bodø already began to spread on Thursday. After several parties demanded his resignation, the Norwegian Minister of Health announced on Friday that the information was correct.

The article was written with a fellow student and they both claimed throughout that it was not their intention to steal the rights of others.

– The committee treated us like normal students, exactly as they should. Although it is painful to lack confidence, we have to deal with the fact that the board has a different opinion, says Ingvild Kirkwall in a press conference, TV2 reports.

He participated in the press conference As well as Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture, who announced that Kirkwall, who has been Minister of Health since 2021, will leave the government immediately.

– She is a very skilled and hard-working politician, one of the best politicians we have. “The government and I value Ingvild as a politician,” he says.

Jonas Jar Sture announced on Friday that confidence in Ingvild Kirkwall has been exhausted.

Photo: Cornelius Pope/TT

Fremskrittspartiet leader Sylvie Listhaug welcomed Friday's decision.

– This was the only reasonable outcome. With a lack of trust, not only from many parties in Parliament but also from central research environments and student organisations, it was not possible for Enfield Kirkwall to continue, she says. NRC.

Plagiarism investigation against Kyrkul It began in January after several media outlets reviewed the paper and found that it was largely consistent with other scientific texts.

Kirkwall is the second minister forced to leave the Gare Store government over plagiarized articles. In January, Sandra Borsch, Minister of Research and Higher Education, resigned from her post after plagiarism was discovered.

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