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The plane had to turn around after a horse was torn aboard

The plane had to turn around after a horse was torn aboard

A Boeing 747 cargo plane en route from New York to Belgium was forced to turn around after a horse on board wrenched itself from its cage, according to reports. The Independent.

On the afternoon of November 9, the pilot informed air traffic control that one of the horses on board the plane was loose and staff were unable to return it to the cage. The plane was at an altitude of about 9,000 metres.

The pilot said that although this did not affect the plane’s ability to fly, they asked to return and land at the airport again. The pilot also asked a veterinarian to verify the health of the horse, as it was suffering from “difficulties.”

It is unclear what its condition was once the plane landed and what happened to the animal later.

Before the plane landed again at JFK Airport, they had to dump about 20 tons of fuel, which the pilot said was due to the excessive weight of the plane.

According to data from the Flight Radar website, the plane was able to take off again after about two hours and eventually landed in Belgium as planned.

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