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The Russian national team’s clothes were made in a secret factory in Ukraine

Ukrainian security police discovered a secret factory in the country.

National team clothing for the Russian Alpine national team was produced there.

“We refuse to use them,” says Leonid Melnikov.

The Russian website reported that Ukrainian border guards and the country’s security police raided a factory in Transcarpathia, in the western parts of the country. championship.

National team jackets intended for the Russian Alpine team were found there. The jackets were decorated with Russian symbols and written on the inside “Made in Ukraine”.

The clothing is manufactured by the Italian brand Vist, which has sponsored the Russian Alpine team for many years.

It sparked reactions in Ukraine and Russia

This discovery comes as a surprise to Leonid Melnikov, president of the Alpine Federation.

– Obviously, we refuse to use clothes produced in Ukraine. I didn’t know it came from there. “We haven’t received the equipment for this year yet, so this is news to me,” he says.

The newspaper reported that the investigation against the clothing company will continue.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian skaters were not allowed to compete internationally.

The revelation of the factory provokes reactions. In Ukraine, they do not want to manufacture clothes for Russian athletes, and in Russia, they do not want to wear national team jackets made in Ukraine, they write. The newspaper online.