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The Russian Orthodox Church refuses to leave the monastery in Kiev

The monks had to leave the area until Wednesday. But when the Ukrainian authorities arrived at the scene on Thursday morning, new prayers were held at the monastery, which is one of the most important shrines in the country. Outside, the faithful gathered to block off the buildings.

Because the monks oppose the eviction order, the government has filed a police report, according to Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko. He told Reuters that new attempts to enter the buildings would be made on Friday.

Already in the XVII century The Ukrainian Orthodox Church lost its independence and became part of the Moscow Patriarchate. Therefore, the World Heritage Monastery and many other church buildings have long been subject to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The conflict between Ukraine and the Moscow Patriarchate is long-standing and has escalated since the Russian invasion. Officially, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church left the patriarchate last year, but Ukraine believes it is still in relations with Russia and has demanded the return of the Lavra.

And the government announced that no objects are allowed to leave the monastery, which was founded in 1051, and the police check cars leaving the area.

On Thursday, the faithful gathered to prevent the Ukrainian authorities from entering the monastery.

Photo: Sergey Chuzavkov/AFP

Lavran leader Metropolitan Pavel says the government does not support the eviction and has made it clear that the priests and monks who live there will not leave until the court makes a decision on the matter.

And on Thursday, he harshly criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

– The Lord will not forgive you and your family for this act. Because at the moment 220 people have been thrown out into the street by you, he says, referring to parts of the monastery district that were taken over by the government earlier this year.

Pavel criticizes Zelenskyy for not preventing the Ministry of Culture from expelling the church and claiming that Tkachenko is possessed by a demon.

– You cannot stop the Minister of Culture, who is dominated by anger, hatred and satanic anger, according to him Kyiv Post.

The Russian government and Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church had previously condemned the eviction order.

– Kirill said earlier in March, according to The Independent, that the state’s ultimatum on Lafran was an outrageous act. Moscow Times.

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