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The Secret Service accompanies Trump to prison

The Secret Service accompanies Trump to prison

The ruling against Trump, which was handed down on all 34 counts in the so-called “silent money” case, is historic. This is the first time a former president has been convicted in a criminal case, and it may also be the first time a former president has been imprisoned. This means challenges that the country did not have to deal with previously.

according to American team The Secret Service is the federal police agency responsible for the security of the president, and is charged with protecting former presidents for life.

And so will Trump Company reports inside the prison The New York Times.

Secret Service agents will have to monitor him around the clock, most likely armed although firearms are generally prohibited in the country's prisons. They will have to keep Trump away from other prisoners and control all of his food, drink and other items.

At the same time, there is also another solution; That Trump be imprisoned in a closed and empty prison.

Even before the trial Initially, the Secret Service must have held a meeting about how to handle the potential situation at the prison, it was reported Letters of News in April. However, at the time, the only scenario discussed was that the former president would be detained briefly for violating a gag order by not speaking disparagingly of jurors, witnesses or court personnel during the trial. Trump was later fined for this, but escaped prison time.

The New York Times wrote that the Secret Service did not have enough time to plan for the possibility of a longer stay in prison.

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Anthony Guglielmi, spokesperson The Secret Service official did not comment on individual “protection operations” with The New York Times, but stressed that the police agency must protect former presidents under federal law. To do this, modern technology and intelligence are used.

Trump's sentencing is scheduled to be announced on July 11. But if he is sentenced to prison, it could be some time before he is actually locked up, and he is expected to appeal the sentence, which could delay the process by several months.