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The Senate votes to provide billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine

08.02.2024 at 19.35: A correction has been added to the text.

Reports stated that the support amounting to more than $95 billion, equivalent to about 994 billion kroner, includes support for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Reuters. It's a “Plan B” to the proposal that was introduced and voted on by the Senate on Wednesday. 67 senators voted to move forward with the proposal on Thursday, while 32 voted against it.

– This is a good first step. “This proposal is essential for our national security, the security of our friends in Ukraine and Israel, and for humanitarian aid to innocent civilians in Gaza and Taiwan,” Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said after Thursday’s vote.

$61 billion will go to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel, and $4.8 billion to Taiwan.

The earlier The $118 billion support package was also supposed to be used to strengthen border protection on the border with Mexico, as well as support Israel and Ukraine and use it as humanitarian aid in Gaza, among other places.

In order for this proposal to move forward, it was necessary for at least 60 senators to vote in favor. By 49 votes to 50, the previous support package was voted down on Wednesday. Reports stated that 44 Republicans and 6 Democrats opposed the aid package Reuters.

For months and months Republicans noted that the United States should focus on border control in Mexico before the country sends aid to Ukraine and Israel, writes Reuters.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump urged Republicans to vote against Wednesday's proposal because it would show Joe Biden is taking steps to limit immigration. It's an important issue for many voters, and in his presidential campaign Trump is asserting that he is the only one who can solve the problems at the border, he writes AP.

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The United States is The country that has sent the most aid to Ukraine since the large-scale Russian invasion. But among Republicans and their voters, growing voices are beginning to rise to reduce support for Ukraine, or cut it entirely. Many believe that the United States should focus on domestic political issues and tensions in the Taiwan Strait AP.

At the same time, many political leaders noted the importance of the United States continuing to send support for the security of Ukraine and the entire Western world. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said after Wednesday's rejection that Republican senators blocking the new aid package should feel ashamed.

“Ronald Reagan, who helped millions of us regain our freedom and independence, must be turning in his grave today,” he wrote. Task on X On Thursday morning.

It is not known when the Senate will take its final vote.

Correction: Clarifies that there is still one more vote in the Senate before the proposal goes to the House.