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The third heat wave in Spain – the authorities warn |  News

The third heat wave in Spain – the authorities warn | News

In parallel with the movement of Storm Hans over Sweden, a heat wave hit Spain for the third time this summer.

Temperatures above 40 degrees It was measured in the southern parts of the country and the neighboring country Portugal In some places it was at least as bad.

Temperatures are now expected to peak in Spain on Wednesday and forecasts indicate that it will be hottest in the capital, Madrid, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees.

Several warnings were issued

The Spanish weather institute Aemet issued several warnings in the country for Wednesday and Thursday. Spanish Ministry of Health They also issued warnings and invitations for the coming days.

The ministry is urging people to visit relatives who are known to be particularly vulnerable to heat. You are also told to pay extra attention to heatstroke, which can cause symptoms such as high fever, high temperature, or fainting. If you suspect heatstroke, call the SOS.

It looks like the heat will continue into Friday, when cooler temperatures are expected RTVE.

However, not the whole country was affected to the same extent. In one of the most popular tourist cities, Barcelona, ​​the outlook is much easier. In the eastern parts of the country, the forecast shows temperatures below 35 degrees.

Heavy fires in Portugal

Portugal also felt the heat wave. In the Portuguese city of Santarem, the temperature was measured at 46.4 degrees on Monday, the highest temperature in the country for this year.

The heat wasn’t going on there, but on the other hand, wildfires raged.

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About 800 firefighters were involved in fighting the blaze and at least nine firefighters were injured, TT reports. In all, it is reported that nearly 7,000 hectares of land have burned and more than a thousand people have had to be evacuated.

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