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The Trump family company is being sued for tax offenses

New York. Donald Trump’s family business and company chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg are responsible for withholding millions in taxes.

The former president calls the criminal charges a “witch hunt,” but many immediately hope to get a conviction.
Farewell, you villain! People outside the court in Weisselberg shouted that you and your ex-boss will end up in jail.

The first criminal charges are now being filed against the Trump family business, in an investigation launched by a Manhattan district attorney more than two years ago.

Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg voluntarily surrendered to New York prosecutors on Thursday and was later taken to a courtroom in handcuffs. When the criminal charges were read out, he was released on bail, but had to give up his passport.

The Trump Organization and Weisselberg are accused of various types of tax crimes – that they committed systematic fraud by offering business leaders benefits, luxury apartments, cars and school fees, without reporting them in their ads.

Non-taxable money

Prosecutors believe that the Trump Organization gave Weisselberg the equivalent of about 10 million Swedish kronor in gifts he did not appreciate.

On Thursday, the Trump Organization — which owns golf clubs, hotels and luxury properties — issued a written statement defending Weisselberg. He has been described as a family man who has worked in the company for 48 years.

“Used by the Manhattan District Attorney, who is using scorched earth tactics to try to harm the former president,” the organization wrote.

Allen Weisselberg denies any wrongdoing.

Trump himself has not been prosecuted, but the incident is seen as a setback for the former president and the company that bears his name.

“I can’t say he’s completely safe yet,” Ron Fichte, one of Trump’s defense attorneys, told the Associated Press this week.

“This investigation is ongoing and we are pursuing the facts and the law wherever they are,” New York State Attorney General Letitia James wrote in a statement after the charges were filed.

shrieked bad words

Outside court in lower Manhattan, several New Yorkers shouted insults at CFO Weisselberg before boarding a city jeep to leave.
Farewell, you villain! You and your ex-boss will end up in prison.

The investigation began two years ago when it turned out that Trump’s former lawyer محامي Michael Cohen Secret money paid before the 2016 presidential election to two women – Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall – Who claims that they have extramarital affairs with Trump, which Trump himself denies.

During the investigation, Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance and New York State Attorney General Letitia James examined Trump’s tax papers, demanded documents, and interviewed witnesses in the company’s management. A jury for the prosecution was formed two months ago to access evidence in the investigation.

The spotlight is now mainly focused on Weisselberg, who previously moved behind the scenes of the company, but is seen as Trump’s right-hand man.

In recent weeks, many have wondered if Allen Weisselberg will remain loyal to him Donald Trump — or turn against him, and become an informant who is likely to testify against Trump later in the investigation.

The Manhattan attorney general’s office tried to pressure Wesselberg to provide information, but the CFO continued to arrive at the Trump Tower office in Manhattan to meet with Trump – a clear indication that he continues to stand by the former president.

Trump’s comeback may be affected

Without Weisselberg’s cooperation, experts say it’s unclear whether prosecutors will be successful in establishing whether Trump intentionally made any decisions that formed the basis for the company or employees to commit any tax crimes.

Accordingly, Weisselberg is the main person who can bring charges against Donald Trump, according to legal experts. His central role in every aspect of Trump’s business dealings has made him the person with the best overview of the tax debts and finances of the Trump Organization.

Legal drama could potentially lead to heavy fines for the company, and even bankruptcy, if its relationships with banks or other business partners are damaged. Some also say Trump’s potential political comeback could be affected – both positively and negatively, depending on how the investigation progresses.

Trump himself commented on today’s indictment against the family business in a written comment.
“The political hunt for the Radical Left Democrats, with New York now taking charge of the investigation, continues. It is dividing our country like never before!”