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The United States and Russia meet in Geneva in January

Representatives of Russia and NATO are then expected to meet at the table on January 12, and Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) will meet on January 13.

The first meeting between the United States and Russia will be held as part of a security initiative adopted by US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, when the two met in Geneva this summer. This discussion forum was primarily about reviving nuclear talks, but the January meeting will also be largely about tensions over Ukraine, according to sources inside the White House.

The two subsequent meetings, on January 12 and 13, focus entirely on the tensions over Ukraine.

Russian demands on NATO

During the late autumn, tensions between Russia and the West increased even more, since Russia has amassed tens of thousands, according to some information, more than a hundred thousand soldiers near the border with Ukraine. The United States, which accuses Putin of planning a major invasion of Ukraine, and the European Union responded to the mobilization with threats of harsh economic sanctions.

Russia, for its part, put forward what it called “security proposals” that it wants to negotiate on. The proposals are a list of demands on NATO, which the United States and other relevant Western powers have rejected as unacceptable.

Two tracks from the west

Among other things, Moscow wants guarantees that Ukraine will not become a member of NATO, that the defense alliance will not grow, and there will be no transfer of troops or weapons to countries that became members after 1997.

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President (Joe) Biden’s position on the situation in Ukraine has been clear and consistent: to unify the alliance behind two tracks, deterrence and diplomacy. A spokesman for the US Security Council said, “We stand united in the face of the consequences that Russia will face if it advances against Ukraine.”

It has not yet been announced who will represent the two parties during the talks.

Facts: Russia’s demands from NATO

Here are some of the demands – called “security proposals” by Russia – that it wants NATO and the US to agree to:

* Rule out further NATO expansion, including Ukraine’s joining the military alliance.

* Not adding more forces and weapons to the countries that became members of NATO after 1997 (ie all the former Eastern Bloc countries).

* Not to conduct NATO operations in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

* US bases do not start in countries that were former members of the Soviet Union and are not members of NATO.

In addition, it is proposed, among other things, that Russia and the United States together agree not to place nuclear weapons outside their territories, not to designate each other as opponents, not to train other countries to deal with nuclear weapons and not to place bombers or ships in areas where they They can attack the other side.