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The wine cellar was renovated – mammoth bones were found

Published on 2024-05-23 20.09

While renovating his wine cellar, an Austrian man made an unusual discovery. Many prehistoric bones were found buried in the ground, the BBC reported.

Researchers say it's an archaeological sensation.

-I thought it was just a piece of wood my grandfather left behind. But then I dug a little deeper and remembered that a long time ago my grandfather said he had found a tooth, says wine grower Andreas Bernerstorfers to the Austrian public service company ORF.

Authorities were soon able to prove that the massive bones came from at least three mammoths from the Stone Age. The researchers described this prehistoric discovery as an archaeological sensation, and raises questions about how people in the Stone Age hunted mammoths. Archaeologists speculate that the animals may have died in a trap at the site where the remains were found.

“We know that people hunted mammoths, but we know very little about how they did it,” says archaeologist Hanna Barrow Suchon of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in a press release.

The bones found in Gobelsburg, northwest of Vienna, are believed to be between 30,000 and 40,000 years old, according to the BBC. In the future, they will be transferred to the Natural History Museum in Vienna.