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The Xbox you’ve owned for 20 years has a hidden Easter egg just showing | Technique

A developer worked on X-Box Revealed the console Easter egg 20 years after its release.

Although it is not a secret that we can classify as “entertaining,” it is also interesting to know these kinds of details that remain hidden for a long time.

As the developer explained in his interview with the site Kotaku, Easter Egg consists of a window that shows us a list of names of some of the developers who have collaborated on user interface From the device.

How do you unlock this secret? The first thing that you should do is to enter the Xbox menu and then go to the section “Song”, You will have to insert an audio CD to burn it.

Then, from the Audio CD screen, you should select “Burn” again and finally “New Audio Track”. At this point you will have to delete the default title of the soundtrack and replace it with (without the quotes): “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Captura | Kotaku

Basically, you can fill the box with “and” until you cannot add more. When this happens, replace the latter with an “!”

When the copy is completed, you can return to the main menu, and enter “configuration” then “system information”, where a tab with names should appear Xbox Control Panel Team.

Captura | Kotaku

The source behind the secret indicated that “I did not expect anyone to find it, unless the source code was leaked or someone had reverse engineered the list.”

“I thought someone would have to liquidate him to make him known”he added.

In the following tutorial you can see how this Easter egg that has been hidden for two decades works

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