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The YouTuber is building a roadworthy Minecraft pig, which he calls a Hamburgini

Youtube election She is famous for her various creations. For example, he built one Among the robots, Creeper from Minecraft, and according to her own statements, “the ultimate computer mouse”. His latest project – for whatever reason – is a rideable pig from Minecraft called “Hamborghini”.

In the accompanying video, he shows the process of how this car came about (?) and the work involved. Particularly interesting is that Electo has placed an IR sensor in Hamborgini’s head, which recognizes the 3D-printed carrot in front of it and pops out.

The top speed of this pig is 20 miles per hour, which is about 30 kilometers per hour, which is pretty big. However, the vehicle cannot fly, as Electo shows in his video. Hog’s first drive naturally led to McDonald’s, followed by a few more races to prove his speed.

Minecraft players are known for their dedication to everything related to the game. For example, one creator wants to recreate the entire Star Wars galaxy in the game, and another player wants to create the entire Half-Life 2 game world on one map. However, when things from video games are brought into the real world, there is always a magic of their own.

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If Mojang publishes a go-kart version of his Minecraft pig himself, it will probably quickly become a bestseller, until then we should be satisfied with Electos Hamburgini.

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