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Theories about what happened to Emil, 2, disappeared

Theories about what happened to Emil, 2, disappeared

This summer, Marie Soleil left her two-year-old son Emile with his grandmother and grandfather at their summer cottage in the village of Hautes-Vernet in the French Alps.

On July 8, two people saw Emil leaving his ancestral home and walking down a village street before he “disappeared from sight,” according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported. yahoo news. Since then, Emil has disappeared without a trace.

800 people participated in the search for the boy.

Police searched the surrounding areas with helicopters, drones and dogs.

A lake near the village was searched twice.

But all the searches were in vain, prosecutor Remy Avon wrote subway.

I searched 30 homes last week

Last week, police searched 30 homes near where Emile was last seen, including his grandparents’ summer cottage, according to Le Parisien newspaper.

– They searched every part of the house, including phones and computers. A source in the investigation said that DNA samples were taken and some items were confiscated daily Mail.

Some theories about what happened to the two-year-old are that Emile was run over by a harvester, killed and buried by a local resident, eaten by wolves or kidnapped.

– Emil used to chase butterflies so that he would have enough time to cover a long distance before he lay down and rest somewhere, He says A resource in emergency services.

Village mayor François Balec said he was convinced that “one or two adults” had kidnapped Emil.

– François Baleck says: Either we are dealing with a madman or a more Machiavellian person independent.

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