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Therefore, Chinese censors blacklist number 2952

The fact that China’s leader Xi Jinping was elected to another five-year term as president at the Chinese People’s Congress last week didn’t pay the tip. But the fact that none of the 2,952 parliamentarians voted against or abstained raised eyebrows for some. Most of the time, someone at least deviates, even if it’s just for the sake of seeing.

The numbers reinforce the picture From the scene which is similar to the People’s Congress, which is usually similar to the Chinese parliament. Decisions have already been made. In the Great Hall of the People, it is about giving an image that the Communist Party embraces everyone in China. Here, members of ethnic minorities dressed in traditional folk costumes participate.

But the unanimous vote for Xi Jinping combined with the constant repetition of “the people’s choice” elicits bitter and sarcastic comments. Something that made the censors react instantly.

As a result, he gets Now searching for #2952# on the Chinese Internet displays the message: “According to relevant laws, rules and regulations, the page cannot be found.” The only results that come up are from accounts controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Also, searches for “the people’s choice” only yield results on state-controlled accounts. In addition, the Folkets Dagblad propaganda agency deleted an article published by the newspaper in 2011 on the topic “Unanimous elections will fuel public anger”.

Useful measures such as selling The number 2952 shirts also suffered a setback. A businessman who tried it was told that this exact idea could not be printed, according to the China Digital Times, an independent organization that reviews Chinese media.

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