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Theresa Lipovska revealed on stage how much her retirement pension will be after 70 years

Theresa Lipovska revealed on stage how much her retirement pension will be after 70 years

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This year, Theresa Lipovska will be 85 years old. The actress is able to admire him on screen even though it has been a long time since he retired. Most viewers from the show will definitely know her M is like love, She has been playing the role of Barbara Mostovic for many years. However, Lipovska had many more roles in popular productions, and he also lent his voice to the characters of popular fairy tales. The actress admits that she enjoys her job very much and does not want to give it up for now. However, she did not hide the fact that it was affected by her financial situation because it was difficult for her to make a living from retirement.

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How much is Theresa Lipovska’s pension? The actress revealed the amount in an interview

Theresa Lipovska’s acting adventure has been going on for over 70 years. He does not want to give up his career, thanks to which he is filling his retirement age. As She agreed In an interview with a videoportal journalist without it, it would be hard for her:

– If I only had a pension, I would be in poverty. However, I am an actress who continues to work. One recently Picture Finished – “Trust Mycology”. I like it all the time “M Like mi³o¶æ“. I have a lot of encounters with the audience with my book I like. I published a book five years ago. I traveled a lot with this book. (…) I have a few needs now. Like I said, if I only had the PLN 2200 it would be a little hard. Be, but I do not complain, I am confident as long as I am healthy.This is the most important thing to me.

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Is this really a low pension? We compare the amount with the average benefit charged in Poland

Related to the March index, the minimum old-age pension in Poland rose to PLN 1,338.44, with PLN 1,217.98 “on hand”. On the other hand, the average amount of old age pension received from ZUS is PLN 2.6 thousand. Total Slodis. Taking into account these data, Lipovska’s pension is lower than the average beneficiary after 70 years on the scene.

This amount differs significantly from the highest pension received in Poland. According to Information Recipient of a total of PLN 35,341.43 from the Social Insurance Company, i.e. over Rs 30,000. PLN Net. This is more than the monthly salary of a Prime Minister or President. is for you and we always write for you on various topics. However, this does not mean that Ukraine was pushed into the background. This is the current and most important issue of all time. All the most important information can be found here:

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