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They’re capturing a solar flare that stretches millions of kilometers into space

The NASA And the European Space Agency (ESA) was able to capture a solar flare that stretched millions of kilometers into space, becoming the largest event of its kind.

The event was captured on February 15 thanks to a “Full Sun Imager” (FSI) of an Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) located in the solar orbit.

according to Statement from the European Space Agencythe EUI is designed to look at the entire solar disk, even during passes close to the Sun.

Solar prominences are large structures of interlocking magnetic field lines that carry dense concentrations of solar plasma suspended above the surface of the Sun, sometimes in the form of arched rings.

If they head toward Earth, they can wreak havoc on our technology and our daily lives.”

This solar flare was so amazing that it can be seen reaching at least 3.5 million kilometers in height, according to the European Space Agency.

It should be noted that the solar flare was not directed towards EarthIndeed, according to experts, it is moving away from our planet.

In addition, experts noted that although the solar flare did not send deadly particle explosions toward Earth, it is important to monitor its behavior.

They also noted that the event is the largest of its kind ever captured in a single field of view along with the disc. Solar.

This opens up new possibilities for knowing how events such as these relate to the solar disk for the first time.”