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This is how the man dressed as an ostrich was caught at the Chiang Mai Zoo

This is how the man dressed as an ostrich was caught at the Chiang Mai Zoo

Ostrich can reach a length of 2.7 meters and weigh about 160 kilograms. In addition, African animals can run up to 70 kilometers per hour and kill lions and other large predators with a single kick as their paws are armed with sharp claws.

Against this backdrop, the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand wanted to prepare for the possibility of one of their ostriches escaping its enclosure.

But performing such an exercise with a live, life-like copy of the largest bird in the world would be difficult and dangerous. Therefore, one of the zookeepers had to dress up as an ostrich and simulate an escape situation, which Watchman reported on.

Zoo staff standing in victory gesture after exercise. Photo: Chiang Mai Zoo

caught by fishing nets

The man “fell” from his dwelling, at which point three of those present chased after him on foot. Then the ostriches were caught by colleagues, and one of them was seen carrying a large fishing net.

The zoo posted the incident on its Facebook page, and the photo shows the staff and the man in ostrich costume, raising their fists in triumph. The post explains that the training is part of a larger training course on preparing for special emergencies.

The zoo is located in northern Thailand on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, as the name implies. There are also hippos, giant pandas, and penguins here, but it is also not clear whether or not the same exercise will be simulated with these animals, the Guardian joked.

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