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This is the new snipping tool that Windows 11 will provide

Microsoft is working on various changes to surprise users with Windows 11. It is also putting a bit of tidying up on the Windows ecosystem, standardizing apps and eliminating duplicate tools.

Following this line we find the new snipping tool in Windows 11. So Microsoft will not have different versions of this tool under the same operating system.

New Snipping Tool for Windows

The Microsoft team has already anticipated many new features that Windows 11 will bring. We already have a preview of its interface, the most important changes and some curiosities.

But over time, Microsoft is sharing the changes that we will see in some of its popular tools. for example, Panos Banay Share a small video showing the interface of the new Snipping tool that we will see in Windows 11.

Yes, the Snipping Tool will still be a part of Windows, but under a new design. Although you are not under too many illusions, functionality other than the ones we already know in the Snippets and Annotations will not be added. So just like the current version, we can take a screenshot just by cropping the area we need and then making a short edit. We will have touch input typing, pencil, pencil, highlighter, ruler, and the option to keep cropping the image.

But we will find an interesting difference when we activate the tool. As you can see in the video, we will have a new floating menu that will allow you to configure the cropping mode and set the timer. More options will also be added to save the image in different formats.

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Of course, the Snipping interface will follow the same design font as Windows, as we can see from the rounded edges and icons. The new snipping tool for Windows 11 will soon be available to those who are part of Windows Insiders.