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This project seeks to adapt Super Nintendo games to wide screens

Super Mario World arrived in the early 1990s, becoming one of the emblems of the Super Nintendo console and an essential video game today.

A hacker dedicated to this classic console, along with a team of volunteer collaborators, managed to adapt a solution wide screen Not inferior to the above-mentioned title, which was released at that time with SNES.

SNES games on modern screens

Super Nintendo games had a 4:3 display resolution, in line with TV standards at the time. Today’s screens generally feature an aspect ratio of 16:9 or similar, with a wider look.

When playing a title from the SNES catalog on a larger screen, there are two options: stretch the image, distort the game, and even impair the experience; Or accept the blank lines left on each side of the central image.

A group of enthusiasts, who collaborated with the vast SNES project, led by hacker Vitor Villa, managed to adapt Super Mario World with 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. Support for more aspect ratios will be added soon, starting with 2:1 and 21:9.

To enjoy the experience offered by this project, it is necessary to download a patch for the game ROM on the page github of the project after this initiative.

Following the instructions on the same site, it is later necessary to patch the ROM, which is not distributed with the utility for copyright reasons, but can be obtained legally by digitizing the original cartridge.

After applying the patch, a configuration file will be created that should accompany the ROM when run through the only supported emulator, bsnes-hd.

it’s a modernAs this category of customizations added to a game is usually called, they are only compatible with Super Mario World.

This is the first approach to SNES LabVilela’s initiative focused on this type of project, to expand the aspect ratio of the game. He’s already working on a second project with similar characteristics, with Super Metroid, according to a comment on a last interview.

Once the widescreen patches for Super Mario World and Super Metroid are finalized, we will likely have a solid standard that future ROM modifiers can apply to any SNES game. That is our goal. Any SNES game can be adapted via ROM patches for future widescreen use. Once the project is stable.”The leader of this project commented in March.