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Tim Scott can sway the Republican primaries

Tim Scott will never back down from standing up for the conservative values ​​that make America so special. So, he decided – almost – to take the fight for the White House.

That was the message in a three-minute video posted on Wednesday. At the same time, the Republican senator from South Carolina announced that he had formed a committee to raise funds for a potential presidential campaign.

It is an important step towards announcing his candidacy. In practice, he has to decide if he really wants and dares to challenge Donald Trump in the Republican primaries in 2024.

So far, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson have announced they are running as contenders. Former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are expected to follow suit.

Even he’s having a hard time establishing himself at home in South Carolina.

Wednesday Polling site FiveThirtyEight has launched the first national ballot in the Republican primary. It shows, as expected, that support for Trump is strong. The former president has 49.3 percent support, while DeSantis remains at 26.2 percent. Pence has 5.8 percent support in the poll, while former UN ambassador Nikki Haley gets 4.3 percent.

Nikki Haley (center) gets a home challenger if Tim Scott runs.

Photo: Pontus Hook

Primary elections are determined in states and power ratios vary. But Tim Scott has clearly been relegated to the sidelines. Even he’s having a hard time establishing himself at home in South Carolina. According to a Winthrop University poll, Trump has the support of 41 percent of Republican voters in the state, while Scott remains at 7 percent.

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However, his decision on a potential presidential campaign could play a huge role in the battle for the White House.

First, he was challenging Nikki Haley at his home in South Carolina. Then her already limited opportunities are reduced.

Tim Scott has been named as a potential vice presidential nominee to Donald Trump.

Secondly, he will also become a rival to Ron DeSantis in the battle for Republicans who want to find a replacement for Donald Trump. Many indicate that the former president benefits from a wider starting field. Then the competing candidates can outsmart each other.

for the third That would part Tim Scott in the party photo. He is a black man from the south of the United States, who grew up in a poor home with a single mother. The flat spoons were made of plastic, not silver, he says in his promotional film.

Such messages can create some troubles for political opponents. Large-city voters from various minority groups helped secure electoral victory for Democrats in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Tim Scott’s personal story is especially valuable as Republicans try to attract more black voters.

It is not just the presidency that is on the horizon. Tim Scott has been named as a potential vice presidential nominee to Donald Trump.

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