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Tips for Filing ‘realityOS’ Trademarks in a Potential WWDC Ad ›Macerkopf

Tips for Filing ‘realityOS’ Trademarks in a Potential WWDC Ad ›Macerkopf

Earlier this year, some developers found references to a platform called “realityOS” in the App Store logs. This confirmed several rumors about Apple working on a new mixed reality headset. Thanks to a brand new “Reality” registration, we now have further proof that this new AR/VR headset from Apple is indeed coming soon.

Apple secretly trademarks ‘RealityOS’

As Parker Ortolani discovered, a little-known company called “Realityo Systems LLC” has registered the “RealityOS” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark was filed on December 8, 2021 for the categories in the areas of “Peripherals”, “Software” and most importantly “Laptops”.

While it can be a trademark of any company, there is evidence that this particular trademark is associated with Apple.

Because Apple is concerned about confidentiality, the company has a few “front companies” it uses to register trademarks and patents for yet-to-be-released products, so it can’t be linked directly to Apple in the event of leaks.

One such company is Yosemite Research LLC, which Apple used to register macOS names like Yosemite and Big Sur. Last year, this company registered the “Monterey” trademark a few days before WWDC 2021, and it turned out that Monterey was the official name for macOS 12.

Now it is especially fun. Both “Yosemite Research LLC” and “Reality Systems LLC” are registered at the same address, which indicates the company “Corporation Trust Center” – a real company that provides branded services and whose client is Apple.

But there are more clues linking RealOS to Apple. After Ortolani shared his findings, some Twitter users noted that the same company had registered a trademark for “realityOS” in other countries such as Uganda and Uruguay.

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Some of these tags were sent with a logo using Apple’s own print in San Francisco. Meanwhile, trademark “realityOS” has set June 8, 2022 as the deadline for an “international filing” with the USA office. This is just two days after the opening of the WWDC. The apps also lack any ‘proof of use’. This supports the suspicion that “reality” refers to a product that has not been released.

What is the RealityOS app?

As you can see, there are some indications that Apple is preparing for a massive AR/VR project. But what is “RealityOS” anyway?

“realityOS” is likely the name of Apple’s new operating system designed for the company’s upcoming AR/VR hardware. Apple is rumored to be working on two new devices – augmented reality glasses and a mixed reality headset.

While the augmented reality glasses project is still in the early development stage, a report from Bloomberg revealed that Apple executives recently presented a new AR/VR headset to the company’s board of directors. Current rumors surrounding the headset and brand profile indicate that the product could be revealed at WWDC 2022 as early as next week.