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TOKYO 2020: Carol Salevsky does not advance to the semifinals in the 400m

Karol Salevsky did not advance to the 400m semifinals.

Karol Salevsky did not advance to the semifinals in the 400m at the Tokyo Olympics. In the 4x400m mixed relay race, the Olympic champion from Tokyo, perhaps for tactical reasons, slowed down significantly after crossing the leg distance and reached the final by “walking” at 2.15.38.

He has no chance of winning this competition and now he can quietly get ready to start the men’s 4x400m relay race. His performance after entering the qualifying round was important for practical reasons. Zalewski (AZS AWF Katowice) was the only pole in this match.

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– Today – after a practically sleepless night – this decision was made so as not to put too much burden on the body and not to cause accidental injury. It is good to dedicate this day to regeneration and focus on the beginning of the relay, in which we can fight for a better end – explained the Polish athlete after winning the Olympic gold medal.

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