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Trans women have been banned by the British Cycling Federation

Trans women are barred from competing in the women’s category.

This was decided by the British Cycling Association today.

“We prioritize sports justice”They write in a statement.

The new policy comes into force at the end of the year and was adopted after a lively debate where, among other things, Boris Johnson made his voice heard.

The former prime minister was clear in his opinion.

I don’t think biological men should be allowed to compete with women. He said it might be controversial, but I think it’s reasonable.

This is exactly what will be the case in the UK in the future.

Instead, trans women will be forced to enroll in a new class called the “Open Class.”

The British Cycling Association justifies this resolution like him:

“Research shows that individuals who reassign themselves after puberty have an athletic advantage, even if their testosterone levels are low. The purpose of our policy has always been to encourage and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, with sports fairness a priority. We understand that the new policy creates a situation of uncertainty for non-binary people and we regret it.”.

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.

Emily Bridges is suspended

The question of whether trans women should be allowed to compete in the women’s division is debated.

Athletics and swimming are examples of sports where international federations have banned trans women who have experienced male puberty from participating in competitions at the highest level.

However, in cycling, there are no such restrictions for international competitions, but cyclists can participate in the women’s category if the testosterone level has been less than 2.5 nanomoles per liter in the past two years.

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Emily Bridges was at the center of this debate. The 21-year-old, who came out as a transgender woman in autumn 2020 and is Britain’s most popular cyclist, was earlier this year suspended from participating in a women’s cycling race after the UCI, the UCI, deemed her “ineligible”. ” To participate.


She is now furious against the new policy and goes so far as to call the whole thing “genocide”.

“British Cycling is a failed organization killing the racing scene”you write in a statement on Instagram.

Bridges, who had hoped to compete in the Paris Olympics next summer, is now considering quitting the sport altogether.

“It is possible that I am writing with emotion, but that is my right now. It is literally a fight for survival for me and my family right now.”she writes.

Emily Bridges.
Emily Bridges.