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Trump Bible sale raises concerns – Dagens PS

Desecration and insult

However, Trump's new written move was not received well by everyone.

Critics in the publishing world and religious writers have expressed dissatisfaction with the use of sacred texts for political and personal purposes.

Other critics, including priests and theologians, described the initiative as “blasphemous” and “bordering on the offensive.”

“What's been so outraged about this Bible is that it includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and even the lyrics of a Lee Greenwood song.

So it adds texts to the Bible, it adds specific political documents to the Bible that completely blur the line between church and state,” says the historian and author. Jemar Tisby until CNN.

Uncertainty about income

Although the official God Bless the United States of America Bible website states that the proceeds will not go to Trump's presidential campaign, it remains unclear whether any of the money could be used to cover his legal costs.

This has raised concern among critics.

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