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Trump's bail amount has been sharply reduced  SVT News

Trump's bail amount has been sharply reduced SVT News

It's all about the fines that Donald Trump was ordered to pay in a civil fraud case that ended in New York in February.

Former President Trump and his sons were convicted of inflating the value of the family business's assets and real estate, and were sentenced to, among other things, state bans and $355 million in fines. Trump denied any wrongdoing and in turn accused the referee of being “corrupt.”

Due to the increase in interest rates, the amount increased to 454 million dollars, or more than five billion kroner.

Trump: Accepts the ruling

On Monday, when the deadline came to pay the same amount of bail, the Manhattan Court of Appeals announced that the amount would be reduced to $175 million, equivalent to 1.8 billion kroner.

Trump, 77, now has ten days to pay the smaller amount. If he doesn't, he risks foreclosure by Letitia James, the head of the New York Department of Justice and acting attorney general.

Trump wrote on his private social platform, Truth Social, that he accepts the ruling and that he has assets in the form of cash and securities. Before the new announcement, Trump published a lengthy post on Truth Social, in which he called the attorney general corrupt.

On February 16, a court in Manhattan ruled that Trump, his sons and other executives overstated the value of their properties in order to obtain cheaper loans and thus tax breaks.

More fees

Four charges were brought against Trump. On April 15, the first criminal trial began, where he was charged with accounting crimes.

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