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Twitter rolls out ‘notes’ feature for long posts

Twitter rolls out ‘notes’ feature for long posts

Twitter Show the first official format for writing long posts.

The company taught what would begrades‘, a function that allows users to post content without character restrictions on the social network.

To forget the topics

las grades They are basically blog posts that appear inside Twitter Without the typical limitations of a traditional tweet.

There are no character limits, and authors can include photos, videos, and even other tweets in a tweet. note. Users can also share their notes through Tweets to share on their profiles. Twitter.

In a note announcing the launch, the managing editor said TwitterRembert Browne, wrote that the notes are intended to give users an alternative to long threads without having to post what they’ve written elsewhere and share it on the social network.

“From the early days of the company, the book has relied on Twitter to share their work, to attract attention, to read, to create a conversation, anything but to actually “write,” Brown wrote. grades, The goal is to fill in that missing piece and help writers find whatever kind of success they want.”

It still won’t be for everyone

For now, the feature is available to a “small group of writers” from Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States, although the company says it will eventually expand the test pool as it collects feedback.

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